Fogging investment has huge economical return. Greater profitability and fast payback

Field tested and proven technology—over 800 installations

The world’s most cost-effective augmentation technology compared to other options such as mechanical chillers and absorption or traditional evaporative media cooling systems.Compared with the classical Media cooling, is not only more efficient taking an air mass to its saturation point, obtaining superior cooling, but also does not produce pressure losses in the turbine admission and does not deteriorate the air filter system, as is able to make an exact dose

Easy to install, even in turbines already functioning

Lowest capital installation, and O&M costs compared to other cooling technologies

Turbine Power increases during peak hours

The extra kWh generated by fogging are:

The most adequate as are generated at peak demand

The most sale price for that same reason

The cheaper to generate (with the lowest investment and with the higher performance)

The most ecological, as fogging decreases NOx emissions and a better heat rate allowing less CO2 emissions and higher economical savings