Humifrio performs the particular study of each particular case with the optimal design for each turbine, for each location, including the economical study, on client´s demand.

    The nozzle grid can have two different placements:

    - Downstream fogging. With Installation after the air filters, and upstream the silencers or in the air admission conduct that takes directly to the compressor, with total respect to the turbine manufacturer specifications:


    - Upstream fogging. Installation in the outside, before the air filters

    Inconvenients: An external structure needs to be adapted to the air filters.

    Advantages: Allows the air to get 100% of relative humidity without wetting and with no installations inside the turbine. The quality of fog generated, its distance to the filters, and the existence of a drop separator in front of the filters, makes air filters remain dry and the utility life of the filters is extended even more than the standard life length they would have without the fog implementation.


    Humifrio also installs High-spray fogging or Intercooling, through the control of the air mass to the compressor.