HUMIFRIO, S.L. has considered the quality of its activities as a strategic and essential factor in maintaining high standards in the provision of services, with a permanent and systematic approach.

     Our main purpose is to achieve full customer satisfaction by meeting the contract requirements, prices and quality as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products.

      This business strategy allows us to increase our daily market position and differentiate from the rest of our competitors.

     Our management philosophy has translated into increased our prestige in the field of fogging equipment installations. To achieve this, we put the material and human resources needed to implement a system of quality management based on the guidelines of the International Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001.

      The main HUMIFRIO Quality policy guidelines are as follows:

  • - A focused organization, actively, to get the full satisfaction of the needs of our clients through a comprehensive and personalized service with qualified technicians to help you to achieve the best performance of their facilities.

  • - Encourage participation and training of the staff.

  • - Maintain a cooperative relationship with our suppliers and subcontractors to achieve the desired quality standards.

  • - Ensure adequate economic efficiency through optimal value, while meeting and exceeding if possible, the standards required.

  • - Continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system and the characteristics of the services we offer to our customers.

      This policy serves as the basis for establishing and reviewing quality objectives, as starting point for continuous improvement. HUMIFRIO S.L. ensures that this policy is understood at all levels of the organization and its partners by explaining through staff meetings and disclosure of that policy through its distribution and publishing, getting an active part of it, getting involved and commitment to carry it out. This policy serves as the basis for establishing and reviewing quality objectives, as a starting point towards improvement. Furthermore, it will be available to anyone who shows interest for it, through the publication on the company website.

     The company management is committed to ensuring their implementation and review annually, during the review of the management system, its validity and relevance, adapting it to the overall strategy of the organization.