The fog system is a evaporative cooling system, able to create the ideal environment for each necessity in a controlled way and at minimal operating cost through a process of generation of artificial fog producing trillions of micro water droplets evaporated. Is “the outdoors air conditioning”.

    The evaporative cooling fog system withdraws of the environment 580 calories per gram of water evaporated. It is the thermodynamically most efficient system to cool big masses of air at normal environmental conditions.    

The fog system has other multiple applications, such as:

Special effects:

- Theme parks, amusement parks and funfairs

- Fountains

- Pools

- Gardens

Agriculture and livestock farming:

- Evaporative cooling in greenhouses and farms

- Humidity control for greenhouses

- Cutting roots

- Wiery and wine cellar


- Data centres

- Industrial premises refrigeration

- Cooling big air masses

- Humifity control in industrial operations

- Dust cleaning and odour control in contamined environments